Wildbook for Northern Hemisphere Carnivores


Each individual within these species matters. What if you have photos of individuals that researchers haven't seen before? What if you have photos of individuals in a place they've never been seen before?

Submit your photos of these extraordinary species here, with a few details of the encounter, and the research community has immediate access to the rich data in your images and others in this ever-growing resource.

Wildbook uses advanced computer vision software to find the cougar, spotted skunk, or bobcat in your photos to identify it as a known, or unknown, individual of the species.

2 identified carnivores

732 reported sightings

10 researchers and volunteers

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Why we do this

"Since our European ancestors first landed on American shores 500 years ago, we have waged war on large predators. The grizzly, wolf, jaguar, and cougar are now gone from the majority of their original ranges, and loss of habitat now looms as the greatest threat to the small populations that survive. Only in the last three decades have wildlife biologists begun to chip away at the fable and folklore and reveal the cougar for the remarkable carnivore that it is."
-Robert Redford, foreword to "Cougar: The American Lion" by Kevin Hansen